Andros island travel guide

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Menites of Andros

Lion head fountains at Menites A couple of km before you reach Chora you will drive past the pretty villages of Menites (on your left). Menites is famous for its distinctive marble fountain, with spring water gushing down from six lion head spouts.
This verdant green landscape with its centuries’ old trees is truly a piece of untouched paradise. Just above the springs, you will see the Church of Our Lady of Vergi, with its beautiful woodcut iconostasis.
Just before the springs, a steep road leads up to the villages of Strapourgies, Messathouri, Lamyra and Ypsilou,known for their distinctive houses nestled amidst a luxuriant green landscape.
The same road leads to the hospitable Monastery of St. Marina. The Monastery is well known for a miracle which happened a few years ago, drawing increasing numbers of pilgrims.
A little further, the road merges back with the main road from Vourkoti and St. Nicholas’ Monastery, heading towards Stenies, Apikia, Sariza and Chora.

Map of Menites, Andros
Map of Menites, Andros