Andros island travel guide

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Archaeological Museum of Andros

scale model Zagora The Archaeological Museum of Andros (Chora) was built in 1981 on Theophilos Kairis Square, from a donation by Basil and Elise Goulandris. Before you enter Hall1, take a look at Riga’s Charta – it is one of the few surviving original copies. (1st floor, on your right hand side).
Then proceed to Hall 1, where you’ll find information about the island, the archaeological sites and its history.

Hermes of AndrosThe tour continues with impressive scale models and finds from the settlements of Zagora(10th - 8th centuries B.C.) across the first floor. The display includes a model of a house and ceramic finds (clay vases, pots, engraved or relief-carved storage amphora, etc.) as well as smaller, painted vases with geometric and other patterns.
On the ground floor, five halls are dedicated to sculptures dating back to Archaic, Classic and Hellenistic times, as well as the Roman, Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods. The pride of the museum is its life-size marble statue known as “Hermes of Andros”, a 1st century B.C. Romaic copy found in Palaeopolis of the earlier copper statue by Praxitelis (4th century B.C.). The museum has a projection hall on the ground floor.

Archaeological Museum Phone: 22820.23664 – 22820.29134